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MAS proposals widen investment scope for Singapore insurers

July 26, 2016

Insurance companies in Singapore will face less onerous restrictions to invest in bonds and equities under new rules that the Monetary Authority of Singapore has proposed. The...

Emerging market equities, bonds earn favour

July 25, 2016

Fund managers are urging investors to look at emerging equities and bonds, which are providing returns comparable to developed markets. Emerging-market stocks are gaining as...

Regulation worries grow post exit

July 22, 2016

As the dust begins to settle after the UK’s shock decision to exit the EU, further uncertainty remains about the future of UK financial services regulation. With many EU...


Microservices: The New Building Blocks of Financial Technology

June 22 , 2016

In these days of ever increasing regulation, weighing Risk has never been more critical. Measuring and managing risk across multiple systems is complex and can be costly. Risk technology is undergoing its next wave of innovation with the new breed of a single integrated solution. Forward looking firms are realising that in the new world, the ability to achieve scale, reliability and flexibility will be a winning factor.


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